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August 07, 2005


Hi Genevieve, Thanks for the mention about The Age shortlist and for dropping by Ruby Street. I was slightly amused at the editorial comments on the awards (not the judges) which were praising the selection for their 'diversity'. When it came to poetry the themes canvassed were, from memory, 'romantic love' (I think that was a reference to my book, which would surprise both me and my readers), 'every day life', Nazism (ie Ian's book) and 'language'. Sounds like a normal day in poetry to me and pretty much its main themes. Just add 'death and the weather' and you're about there. As for blogs and digital media, time is coming but I wouldn't be holding my breath too closely at the mo'. Just keep up the good work. Best, Jill

Thanks for the info, Jill - I indulged my poor, dirty little habit of editing immediately after posting and deleted that reference to diversity you speak of before I received your comment via email. I realised intuitively it was a bit sweeping! the oz lit scene is still not that broad...Very interesting to note the categories under which poetry was selected, I'm glad they left out weather:)

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