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November 13, 2005


My two 25" screens laid together vertically to make a 37" desktop keep everything in sight and clearly laid out. Great for those 30 second web browsing breaks. It's also tall enough that no one can see me behind it.

Of course, when it comes to pure writing, how much space does one need? Linear text is extremely space-efficient; it's the small hyperlinked atoms of info that fry my brain.

That's almost a metre of desktop. In the NYT article apparently there were people going home from the research project begging for that kind of space.
I agree regarding hyperlinks - I love them, but hopping around comes at a price.

It helps to work for a company that believes that the cost/benefit tradeoff for such boons is worthwhile. I agree, but most companies are shortsighted.

I do all my writing on a small laptop, however, and prefer it that way.

Sounds like a very fine arrangement indeed!

Just had to laugh here, as my b-friend's most common nag to me is to close some Windows, before my system shuts down. Of course, I have no idea why he cares, but I also rebel because he doesn't realize my need to keep windows open to remember my oft-shifting train of thought. The phone rings, I get a new email and wham, I forget what I'm doing.

Lord, I had no idea that closing windows made a difference. I think my son has made the same comment to me from time to time!

I had my life hack reading this. My 2 year old poured his cheerios and milk all over the floor - letting me know what I was supposed to be doing instead of reading blogs!

Hehe, good life hack, sun king. My young 'uns hack into my blogging space by requiring urgent online connection - usually in the service of their social life rather than their education, though. Amazing how important a train timetable becomes when your mother is a blogger.

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