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April 02, 2006


Thanks for the plug + feedback + help with the HELP pages, Gen!


Thanks for the info re AussieBlogs, Genevieve :) (BTW I've been a reader of your blog for some months now, I guess this is me decloaking ;) )

No problem, Jon -I think the site is well worth supporting and it's something people have been wanting for a while.
CW - I read yours too! good luck with your blogging presentation!

Thanks for finding us! I must check out the australianblogs.com, maybe Kim (blog partner) listed us there.

So pleased you like the new design, a friend in America did it for us after she found the graphic and thought it looked like we wrote!

And the Citizen Kane argument? You mean that after they stop fighting about toys, food and bathroom time they move on to opposing forms of deconstruction? Crikey. I'm in for a long haul...

Mmm, Bec, but they were teasing each other as well. They are old 'Good News Week', Frontline and Lano and Woodley buffs (hey, isn't everyone? Why can't Lano and Woodley get another series for Chrissakes). As the Irish might say, they give good craic. I had a very dark day t'other week, lost a key negotiation with a supervisor - came home and they were cacking themselves watching the piano episode of Black Books. It was a nice space to chill in. Eventually, being a mother does pay off! However I have been where you guys are, and it's a very long term investment :)

i *love* the piano episode of Black Books. In fact, it could well be my favorite episode.

thanks for the shout out. I've been enjoying exploring your blog in the last couple of days.

I hadn't been back to australianblogs since just after it launched (when there weren't very many of us in the index). How great too see how it's grown. Many more blogs to explore.

Interesting that the biggest tags (at first scan) are Australia and Blogs/Blogging etc.

one might have thought you could do with out using those tags at a site called australianblogs...

ah, tagging...

It is a very fine episode indeed. I rather like the vin du Pape as well ('Pick me! pick me! pick me!' Boys, boys, boys!')
That 'bleeding obvious' aspect of tagging is a feature of most first cataloguing attempts, believe it or not. I had to kick myself after first tagging, having realised that putting in my location might be rather neat (which is why I had to go back and do it again!). Tyranny of distance and all that. Some 'user beware' type instruction is often required even for the 'trained'user :)
But Jon has been very interested in all my carping comments about the tags, which is most kind of him.

Thanks heaps for putting me on to australianblogs.com. I've been lonely for other Australian blogs (which is why I enjoy yours) and been looking for something like this... I've just realised how many other Australia blogs there are!!! I like listening to Australian voices...

I've just added my blog, and had to think hard what tags to use. Thanks for the tip on tagging 'melbourne'. I hope to find more melbourne bloggers our there.

Lano and Woodley have split. O NO!

They should have killed Kenny instead.

BTW - a small personal coincidence. I've stayed with the Gherardis, who are the best, best people. Some of the photos are from their deck which overlooks the vineyard on the hill. Mrs G. is Jenny, who is a film producer and an all round good person.

Ahh, so the Gherardis have been taught by Australia's top blogger. No wonder it's such a well-made blog.
My daughter has organised a contingent of mourners (if that's the right word) to attend L & W's final bash. Amazing how much attention Frank is getting for his centurion costume on Thank God You're Here, though. As Beckett himself might have said, people are bloody ignorant apes.

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