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August 13, 2006


Ive had a mobile phone for 1 year now & have managed so far to not succumb to abbrevs or sloppy punctuation just thought Id boast.

Hurrah, keep up the good work m8.

I don't understand half the text messages my teenage children send me, even when they explain them!

My daughter laughed at me last night when she had to show me how to delete an unwanted character in an SMS I was sending. Gee whiz, I've only had the mobile phone since Christmas.

My younger daughter agrees with me that the Samsung phones we recently acquired are not as easy to use as the Nokias we had before.
And it's me that's taking short cuts - they've always sent me very clear and easy to read messages, so I feel like my thumbs are breaking down our standards.

I'm with Vodafone and I can send text messages via the web. Solves all my big (fat!) fingers and little keys problems.

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