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January 04, 2007


I was just down the road in Ringwood East watching the Lunar Landing at school.
I went to the Tarax Show as a 6 year old. I found it rather deflating, the mystery of TV gorn. But I got to say my name on TV (I was part of a birthday party) which I found exciting as I sat up straight and said all three syllables.

Wish I had taped the Tracy Ullman Show.

I might pinch this meme myself.

I don't think I mentioned 'This Life' ... how could I not?! Love it. I'm trying oh-so-very-hard NOT to buy the dvd of Series 1 & 2 currently retailing for $120 at ABC shops. I really want it, but it seems very self-indulgent for a TV series. I suspect I will relent.

I've just read that they are making a 10-year anniversary reunion special, with all the old cast (though not, I think, Rachel).

See this link for more info if this tickles your fancy:


Boynton, we must catch up, it would be very odd if we knew lots of people from the old ringbarking town (and I could lend you at least one Tracy Ullman, maybe two if I can find them both). BTW consider yourself tagged, it's a very fine meme isn't it. El will have to do this more often I think.

Thanks for that link, Ariel and Richard - wow!! like WOW. I am going to ask my video shop man to get hold of This Life - his TV DVD collection is going gangbusters. The Law Library at Monash has videos which my daughter intended to borrow for me - we never quite got around to organising it though. Like Cardiac Arrest, a Thatcherian hospital drama that came out a little later starring Helen Baxter, it was obviously considered sufficiently close to real life experience for the law faculty to ask for it to be collected (Or else the librarians just like it. Who knows.)

You gave up TV for Lent? My, what a thoughtful and disciplined child.

It's interesting to see what happens to a meme -- impossible to keep track of it!

El, it wasn't an uncommon thing for 'sixties Catholic children to be encouraged to go without favourite shows for Lent. Sort of spiritual "Biggest Loser" competitions, if you like. BAD telly, BAAAD. Shed that intellectual flab NOW, or your brain will explode. I turned seven two years after the end of Vatican II, so I'm one of the more confused ex-Catholics around.
At high school we got a new library in 1976 - blest be the librarian there who purchased a copy of Marshall McLuhan's The Medium Is The Message (or however it appeared when first published - now it appears as part of a collection.)Ours was illustrated.

I've just investigated that further - here it is, under the title,
The Medium Is The Massage, at Gingko Press.
No wonder I couldn't find it in Understanding Media :)

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