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March 05, 2007


A femme fatale lurking in the shadows of the ethernet waiting for money ?
It sounds criminal.
Watch for the March 2007 issue of US Vanity fair magazine which has excellent features on noir and crime film; and hello to anybody who would like the earliest issues of Mean Streets magazine (Sydney published 1980's) I will send to anyone who will reimburse me the postage.

I don't think she gets any of the money, M.GAP :)

Thanks for the Vanity Fair tip off though.

Hello. You're a good commenter.

Miss Brownie is always giving her things away, but the best can't be taken.

Robert, I'm sure it's a most valuable collection. And I have met Brownie now, so won't call her by invented pseudonyms in the future.

Okay. Good. I've been thinking of calling myself Checkhov, but have settled for Sir Robert lately, after receiving a knighthood from someone who told me off good and proper. Well I deserved it of course, the telling off, but she needn't have added a knighthood.

Sir Robert.

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