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October 17, 2007


I admire people who can sing and people who take nice photos. I can't do either. If someone can sing & take nice photos, I hate them. There's a thing called too much of a good thing.Hope you can't sing.

I used to interview the famous & not-so-famous rock bands/artists. I knew my photo skills were not going to take me far after reviewing my work with a few members of The Electric Light Orchestra. Pix of the drummer on the left with too much junk on the right; walls full of colored posters obscuring the main subject of the snap...and so on.

Blimey, ELO. That would have been fun. I was a great fan in 1977. And I've taken many photos of young children and people with awful messes in the background. Drying clothes, usually.

I think you have been awfully kind, Abby. I don't think others are going to be quite so nice once they've deleted all my false posts from their feed readers. But I've finally worked out where the margins are in the HTML now. And I don't dare edit it again, it's staying like this now. Problem with Typepad is that the preview button is rather misleading, so you see all kinds of disasters in the draft that don't appear in the final post. Tant pis. Had to learn sometime, I guess.

I'd love to read your post on The Abbey.

Nice study! So airy and light. I spend half my life in mine and am thinking it needs work.

I, too, would like to read your post on The Abbey.

Much thanks to you both for your kind interest - I'll take another look at it after the second instalment on Sunday, I think. There was an article I didn't save about a year and a half ago that would have made a hell of a difference, on when the Spanish mystics were first available in translation to English speaking Catholics. Perhaps there'll be more if I can hunt that down - I'll keep you posted on that.

The light is nice here, Ariel, so is being able to look outside. Having the house to disappear into after extracting oneself from the Internet is another matter though. I emptied three bookshelves last week and only cleaned behind one....AAAAARRRGGH. It's getting to the point where I feel rather allergic to stuff, and shops are making me nervous. Time for one of those Compacting commitments, I think - though if you live in a small house, you're pretty much on those most of the time.

That Danish Deluxe chair is wonderful - I'm very jealous.

Thanks, Meredith.(I don't mind making people jealous if I can't claim any credit for it, heh.)
I grew up with a shitload of orange so I had a few eek moments when I saw it first. But it has good bones.
I hope I can get some dollars up and have it recovered for M. when she leaves home, as all the padding is shot. I also hope we don't break it before she flies the coop :)

"people with awful messes in the background. Drying clothes, usually." - that is my photographic malady.

I have now come to realise that this is more a feature of our messy, busy lives and home, as well as my bad photograph composition. Now I am learning to tidy up the room a little, or move/position my subjects against a nice backdrop. Like flowers or picture or something.

I'm having a tidy week - they're usually only three days long, I find. And ditto with the photography tips, I did learn that after many rueful encounters with stone-dry washing in my photo albums.

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