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November 01, 2007


I really wanted to get down to the Salon but I ran out of time on the night... sounds like it was interesting.


Thanks, I enjoy reading about things like this that I can't attend.

Lisa, I was very proud of myself for finally getting to one. And I did enjoy going to an arts event that doesn't cost the earth. Let me know next time you're going and we will finally meet :)
Thanks for reading, El. A bit on the lengthy side, it just grew and grew...probably lucky I didn't review the emerging writers, I think.

Hi gen, thanks for that. I must admit to seeing the book mentioned in the Readings magazine (or rather, catalogue), and thinking 'not another historical fiction book about dead European megalomaniac men' and glancing past it. You've made me pause to think twice.

On another note, will you please do review the emerging writers who read their work at the Salon? Hopefully in another post? I've just finished my Short Story subject as part of my TAFE writing course, and I'm interested to hear what you think of writing students.

I'm under no illusions about the quality of the stories I write, but I've read and heard some amazing stories by my classmates. Our usual gripe, though, is that there are fewer chances for emerging writers to be heard or published - unless you're under 25 …

We're thinking of setting up our own magazine …

not vanity publishing, though. Just want to see some decent new writing in print.

Mark, speaking of submissions to magazines, have a speccie at my latest post. (Get in at ground level, strike the iron before it freezes and all that.)
I am sorry to have to admit that I slacked off in the second half of the Sleepers Salon and simply sat back and enjoyed the readings! I caught up with someone I knew, and got distracted. I would have had to get a full list of presenters from Louise Swinn, as they weren't listed on the Sleepers' website - about eight people read, I think. I will bear it in mind if I get to something like this again though. Whoops :-(

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