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June 10, 2008


Waahh! I want coffee from Atomica now! No coffee in Darwin compares (unsurprisingly).


I like that third habit. I do it a lot!

oh, that was amazing. And I have still got this open from when I was reading it before dinner. You are rather extraordinary, yes.

yes,the third habit: I do it chronically. It's almost embarrassing.

Do post pics of the Nude reunion. Should be ACE.

We might have to send you a packet, Andrew, to make your own brew. My daughter enjoyed your show, by the way, and I'm sorry I missed it - Lazy!
No. 3 habit shared with others? my day is made. Thanks to you both :-)
Fifi, I'm living in hope that I might get some peculiar search terms out of this post - mine are ridiculously clean and I'm jealous of others.

"...sometimes you just need to get through the next five minutes..." Hmmm, I know that feeling!

And I also share your habit #3 ;)

7. Those rosemary grissini you can get in Safeway.

And Coles. They are yummy.

"realised I did not want to go around for the rest of my life telling everyone my son has autism and my life is screwed"

Has some resonances, if I was to do 'one year ago'. It must have been so much harder for you. Congratulations on getting through ten years, not just the next five minutes!

Jealous of 4-5 places you have lived!

J., the next five minutes is now one of my favourite inspirational sayings.
Ariel, it was pretty draining, as there were five of us tied up in it, and three of those have had their teen years in that time, as well as K.! but we have dragged each other along with some good larfs along the way, and here we still are. Thanks for your good wishes.
One house in your adult life isn't such a bad thing, I do realise that and am grateful for it really. It just looks crummy when you do an exercise like this :-)

Where do you catalogue? I have just discovered your blog via Pavlov's Cat. Nice to meet you. My name is Kristy and I am also a cataloguer. I'm very excited to meet other people who catalogue - I have so many questions! Are you a by the book or by the gut or a stuff it that'll do kind of cataloguer? I'm new at this and haven't any formal qualifications but the people watching from my desk is brilliant entertainment!

Hi Kristy, thanks for coming by! If you are working where I think you're working then you're awfully lucky and I imagine they will teach you heaps.
I am doing agency temp jobs at present, and tend to be someone who can let very few punctuation errors or spelling mistakes go by - and I am one of those annoying people who asks almost straight away where the thesaurus is. Having said that, ISBNs without spaces are making me cross-eyed this week.

Hi GT - have you seen a DVD titled
Code Of Conduct In the Whole World?
( a film by Alex and Reinhold - a_reinholdproduktion).
"Peter Johansen is 44, autistic, works for Telstra in Melbourne, and has 72 simple rules for the smooth execution of daily life:
Never immerse electrical equipment in water.
Always do up your shoelaces.
No cooking a barbeque anywhere inside.

best regards
PS some Melb ladybloggers are roaring up the Calder to see the French couture at Bendigo Gallery on Sunday 18th.
Picnic lunch in park adjacent to gallery - if you are interested I would love to see you again.

Oooh, thanks for the invite AD. Dammit, we have a double birthday celebration that day. I would have loved to see both you and the couture, thank you for thinking of me.

I will look for that film, thank you for that. Malcolm, of course, is one of our favourites. We are fond of Gilbert Grape too. Not that anyone here is into matches and gastanks, though (thank God.)

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