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November 01, 2008


The old Doncaster Shoppingtown library used to be haunted by a bad smell. Other than that I haven't noticed any supernatural activity amongst the stacks at any libraries I've been in, although parts of La Trobe Uni's Bundoora Campus library give me the creeps.

Isn't the Victorian State Library haunted?


Tim, I was going to add that all I'd ever found in the bound periodicals stacks at Melbourne uni was a photograph of someone else's genitalia. So I'm glad the creepiness of large academic libraries is fairly general.
The Shoppo library may have smelt, but they had a great fiction collection there, not to mention more signs than I thought it possible to have at a library entrance.

Helen, thanks for that great link. Must ask some SLV people for stories.

I love the library-based opening scene of Ghostbusters - 'Back off man, I'm a scientist'.
Apparently the environmentally-friendly 'Little Dog Bookshop' in Yass has a spectre, as the owner informed us through her 'Bookseller's Diary' in B+P.
Other than that - you could ask poet Nathan Curnow - he's writing poetry about his travels to Australia's haunted places!

Hey, the truth is out there.
I think I have seen an excerpt from Nathan's work - certainly his research will be highly regarded.

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