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December 03, 2008


I'm not clear why a joint library with schools is a bad thing?

I find it hard to have much sympathy for a group that suggests that a joint public/school library is a bad thing because it will place children in danger from peadophiles!

Mmm, having chatted offline with you about this and looked at a bit more stuff over there at YT I'm not sure it's the only thing they're cross about though.
They put up a questionnaire they sent to candidates for the elections in September, here, including the point that there is not sufficient care being taken to retrieve the city from a 30 year arrangement with the Dept. of Education, and that other money is available for development of the current library from the State Government.

Elsewhere on YT it's noted that the library will no longer belong to the city, either.So to my mind, quite a bit going on there.
Also I'm tickled by their use of citizen journalist tools, I must say. Neat.
But thanks for disagreeing! makes it all fun.

The present library is very close to the main street, supermarket, and rail station. To visit it is merely a pedestrian decision, literally, and book borrowing can be done in conjunction with shopping; whereas the school location is quite a trek out into the windy wastes - having a car would be essential.
The ambience of the proposed shared library would be unpleasant, and the school is mad to want the general public allover it's campus.
I am a member of the Corangamite Library and signed the petition against the change.

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