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December 13, 2008


I actually think I might get through all the Summer Read books - I do love a challenge! I've been knocking off one a week without much fuss but I've picked up Musk & Byrne this week which looks like it might need a little more attention...

Ooh, damn good! That will be a terrific set of reviews then. Lucky Summer Read.
Musk and Byrne really moves along once you get in there; you'll be fine. Some have been critical of the artistic backstory at the beginning, finding it lumpy, but I thought it was pardonable, particularly once the story warmed up.
Also I read an interview somewhere that Fiona Capp did about her relative who migrated from the same area that Gotardo comes from - if I can find it again, I'll put the link up.

It may have been in the Vic Writers' Centre newsletter, come to think of it. M+B is a really good excursion into the play between history, fiction, romance and even colonial media. I thought Capp did well with it.

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