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January 06, 2009


I thought I was going to get to vote for YOU.

Those gardens look incredible! wish I was closer....

Oh, I expected to see you in the litblog section!

Hardly recognised any of the Australian bloggers...

This is a very boutique service, ladies - small, slavishly modelled on and harvesting news from others, and adapted to local conditions.
I'm simply piqued about the 'selection' 'cos
1. so many good blogs I know of didn't get a look in at all - Moby Lives, the Literary Saloon, grrr.
2. Neil Gaiman already has 23% of the vote!! HOW??? is amazing.

And yes, the garden is lovely. It has been under development since the nineties, apparently, and there are some patchy bits up the back.
The main floral garden 'rooms' are the two sections shown, but the colour selection and planting is wonderful. Hard to get photos to do it justice, the reds end up quite strange on this monitor. Going to put them on the laptop and see if there's a difference.
I am not much of a garden visitor, I tend to go back and back to the same place. I've visited this a few times now. Very nice, though expensive, nursery attached.

And the winner is... surprise surprise. Next year I'll vote for you if you vote for Davey Dreamnation and he votes for me.

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