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February 04, 2009


Enjoying The Broken Shore, I take it?

Have made a note of some of your picks, will add to my To Read list...

I have just finished The Broken Shore, CW. Some parts much better for me than others. I'm not a big crime reader, there's far too much of it on the telly I think. It's been spoiled for me. And grisly - phew! Well written, though.
I'd better double check one of those - yes, P. F. The Blue Flower it is. A great obituary of her, here.

I don't know the Blue Flower, but will follow up. We did Broken shore for our book group and it rated highly. Good to read a crime story , so well written and Aussie too. I have done a One Australian Book meme..check it out, JayGee

Thanks for tipping me off, JG, that is a great list you have there, and to put an Australian twist on it is a terrific idea. And as I noted in my comment there, so many resonances :-)

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