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April 04, 2009


WordLustitude a blog you might enjoy.

I just composed you a 3 para comment and it disappeared between Preview and Post.
It is so weird that I have not the drive required to recreate it. damn www.

aaah teh evil php losing our stuff.
I am sorry to hear that, and it is a bit weird. HOpe it's not the new template playing up.
Thank you for the link and the lost paras, AOD.

You are the second blogger I read, who has referred to Second Pass this week. The other was
Adele Geras the novelist spouse of Norm G at normblog.
oh noooooes. It were not your fault - it
was just a ramble about the historic 'flatly'accepting life's more gruesome events.
It bothers me these days when various elements of our community scream and run for counselling over some incident, which, if they had seen it in a visual fiction, they would have lapped up and looked for more.
As Thomas Hobbes apparently said: Life is short brutish and cruel.
Did he add after that "get a damn grip"?
Poor Malcolm Fraser got such a bad press when they relentlessly part-quoted his quote
"Life wasn't meant to be easy, but if we try, we may find a contentment in it"

I saw the 1969 True Grit, in an era which was good for 'Westerns'. The script was written by a woman, with the novelist, and from imdb.com/ I see they both collaborated on his other 2 novel/film adaptations - with a fair bit of cast-overlap too.

I guess right now, our beloved Coens are madly scrambling for a girl to play Maddie - and I pray they don't foist Miley Billy Rae Cyprus on us.
The producer, Scott Rudin, has produced a dozen films I loved, so we have faith ... and because he said once
"If you're going to spend two or three years of your life working on something, you've got to be making the kind of movie that discusses and influences the culture and is engaged in the world you're living in" ...
(I love playing in the celluloid sandpit that is imdb.com/)
Strother Martin was in TG, and Bobby Duvall too - I can't think either ever made a bad film.

Thank you for those details from the sandpit, I agree it is a fun place, AOD.
I'm ashamed to admit this, but I've just had a proper look at that Variety article and a few nearby - having worked in a library that had Variety in hard copy, I'm astounded by the lingo those online writers use. No definite articles for 'Pic' or 'Project' starting a sentence, what? Verbs like 'nabbed' and 'inked', titles like 'helmer' and 'exec' everywhere. What a funny paper.

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