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August 28, 2009


Hey R&W, posted a little update on Liner Notes (and the rest of the day) for your interest! Hope you're enjoying the fest.

I saw that! thank you. Very good summary, sounds like a busy ole day.

Hi Genevieve,

I've been enjoying your comments and blog. Sleepers are indeed going great guns, what with The Danger Game also looking like it's going to do brilliantly for them. There's a illuminating article in HEAT 18 by Beth Driscoll called 'How Prizes Work in the Literary Economy.' I think you'd like it. For a bit of a wrap up on the Readings birthday and launch you might want to check out my blog. Cheers.

Hello there Alec, thanks for dropping by. I have read that fine article of Beth's you mention, and I first came across the book she quotes in a review by Louis Menand in the New Yorker,


She also posted about her adventures with the Booker collection on Sarsaparilla once too I think.

I knew I'd seen your name somewhere - you did the class at Overland with Angela recently, didn't you? Your blog's name is great, amazing no one snaffled that before you! good stuff!

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