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September 12, 2009


great meme, Gen. Lot's to think about there. And some book titles I'm unfamiliar with to look up.

It's a nice one, isn't it. Should I run a short list of authors here (both Gwen and I are too lazy to link 'em all, and it disrupts the flow of the meme I think.)I shall.

The Night Parrot - Dorothy Porter
Will It Be Funny Tomorrow, Billy? - Steve Cummings bio
The World Beneath - Cate Kennedy
Brooklyn - Colm Toibin
The Pages - Murray Bail
The TV President - Elise Valmorbida
The Ghost Poetry Project - Nathan Curnow
Disgrace, Coetzee, Time we have taken, Steve Carroll

A House of Air - collected nonfiction of Penelope Fitzgerald
The Hunter - Julia Leigh
Then Malouf, Roth, Steve Amsterdam and Tom Cho to the finish line, as of course you knew.

Nice meme, but I think I might have to wait until year's end to do it justice. Also I think I ought to read a few more "suitable" books... ;)

heh, I'm sure they're good. I had a Spicks and Specks alternative lyrics kind of approach to mine.
Would like also to look at my last year's readings and see what I might have come up with there :-)

when I think about it, the Steve Cummings bio title, Tom Cho and Steve Amsterdam are gifts for these questions though.

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